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Boston Access Control Services

Boston access control services to maximize security for any size business, such as an access control entry system into office buildings, industrial sites, gated communities, hotels, apartment complexes, colleges, and casinos. Access control systems can be stand-alone or highly integrated, wired or wireless, locally accessible or cloud based.

Access control is a matter of Who, Where, and When. An access control system determines Who is allowed to enter or exit, Where they are allowed to enter or exit, and When they are allowed to enter or exit. It’s a convenient way to allow or limited access, into authorized areas on an individual basis.

At DoorCom, our technology team designs a tailored access control system that meets all your access needs. An access control security system can easily and cost-efficiently be integrated into your overall existing network or stand-alone system. Access Control systems can reduce costs associated with re-keying locks, managing keys and allows you a real-time monitoring of access control 24/7.

Convenient and easy to use, access control systems are the most popular security solution for any size business or property.


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